Asset Mapping and Digitization

Asset Mapping and Digitization

Availability of accurate GIS-based distribution network map showing the geo-coordinates and network configuration is an important prerequisite for Power system analysis, planning & optimization. Techlabs understands exactly how the rapidly evolving power sector is impacting the business processes and methodology of power utilities. We assist our clients anticipate and solve issues that range from responding to consolidation, to building a competitive advantage, to providing effective customer service, to providing business quality assessments in remote geographical locations.

Techlabs currently provides comprehensive services addressing four key business functions including implementation, development and project management for business solution applications such as Automated Mapping and Facilities Management, Work Management and Customer Information.

Our GIS team, with a skillful thematic mapping service, helps you display the GIS spatial data distributions of a single attribute or a specific topic, such as property assessments, electrical equipments, etc. Services offered for Power sectors are:

  • Asset survey/mapping of 11kV, 33kV Feeders using DGPS / GPS survey with sub-meter accuracy
  • Asset survey/mapping of Substations & EHV Transmission lines including Survey of line equipment status and condition
  • Collection of technical details of the lines and Distribution transformers Identification of irregularities / abnormalities in Network elements
  • Digitization in to GIS Tools Digitization of Paper Maps/Survey Maps & Satellite Images
  • Geo-referencing of Paper Maps / Survey Maps and Satellite Images
  • LT/HT Consumer Indexing and digitization of the same in GIS Tools GIS

Our prime location in India, offers us the feasibility to employ the best resources and the latest technologies in the GIS landscape. Techlabs proficiency in GIS mapping services helps you achieve the best results for your mapping requirements & generate very useful information for enhancing Power system performance. With a definitive working model, our GIS Outsourcing Services are not only cost effective but also ensure high quality solutions.

Our clients appreciate how our specialized services help them improve the cost effectiveness of their personnel, monitor compliance, support accounting processes, improve customer service and accountability and truncate response times so that they can make informed decisions based on data that is complete and accurate.

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