EMTP-RV is a full-featured and technically advanced simulation and analysis software for power system transients.
The package is a sophisticated computer program for the simulation of electromagnetic, electromechanical and control systems transients in multiphase electric power systems. EMTP-RV features a wide variety of modeling capabilities encompassing electromagnetic and electromechanical oscillations ranging in duration from microseconds to minutes. EMTP-RV’s standard library provides a comprehensive and well-documented list of components and function blocks that allow the user to realize easily complete and complex power system studies.

It includes:

  • Advanced model of electrical machines
  • Detailed and precise models of lines and cables
  • Complete models of transformers that can model saturation and the hysteresis of the magnetic core
  • Extensive library of control devices and more!

EMTP-RV strengths:

  • Used worldwide as a reference tool by the main actors of the power system industry (EDF, RTE, Hydro-Québec and many other utilities, manufacturers and consultants)
  • Large field of powers systems applications
  • Numerical robustness and stability
  • Comprehensive built-in libraries including detailed models of electrical machines, transformers, lines, cables
  • Automatically initializes time-domain simulations from steady-state,
    Capability to simulate very large power systems and power electronics systems without compromising precision
  • The most advanced user-defined modeling capabilities using DLLs and devices in the GUI
  • The same design can be used for Load-Flow, steady-state, time-domain and frequency scan simulation
  • Scriptable and customizable easy-to-use GUI
  • Many application examples are provided with EMTP-RV
  • Reactive and efficient technical support

The story of the development of EMTP-RV:
EMTP-RV (ElectroMagnetic Transient Program) is the end result of the “EMTP restructuring project” undertaken by the DCG in 1998 for modernizing the EMTP96 software. In order to rationalize the development of the program, the EMTP Development Coordination Group (DCG) was founded in 1982. At present, North American members of DCG include American Electric Power service corporation (AEP), Centre for Energy Advancement Through Technological Innovation (CEATI), Hydro One Networks and Hydro-Québec.
DCG members outside North America include CRIEPI (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry) from Japan and Electricité de France (EDF).

Why RV?
In 2003, the EMTP Development Coordination Group (DCG) released a new Restructured Version, EMTP-RV, developed under the technical leadership of Hydro-Québec. It features new and improved functionalities, as well as state-of-the-art analysis tools. Re-engineered to provide greater simulation performance and design convenience, EMTP-RV is not an upgrade. It is a complete replacement of EMTP96.

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